Before The Romans Laid Siege to Jerusalem

Flee To The Mountains

When the Romans laid siege to Jerusalem and then after five months invaded the city, the invasion had affected the Nazarenes (Apostals). However, the Nazarenes (Apostals) were warned by HaMashiach before the siege:

“And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh. Then let them which are in Judaea flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto.” Luke 21:20-21  


According to the historian Epiphanius his records state, the Nazarenes heeded to the words of HaMashiach and fled to Pella, most likely dwelling in the caves of the wilderness which are outside of Pella. Epipanius records the event this way:  

"This sect of Nazarenes is to be found in Beroea near Coelesyria, in the Decapolis near Pella, and in Bashanitis at the place called Cocabe Khokhabe in Hebrew. For that was its place of origin, since all the disciples had settled in Pella after their remove from Jerusalem—HaMashiach having told them to abandon Jerusalem and withdraw from it because of the siege it was about to undergo. And they settled in Peraea for this reason and, as I said, lived their lives there. It was from this that the Nazaraean sect had its origin.” Epiphanius of Salamis, “The Panarion" 29,7:7-8 pp. 129  

According to the historian Eusebius the event was recorded this way:

"For when the city was about to be captured and sacked by the Romans, all the disciples were warned beforehand by an angel to remove from the city, doomed as it was to utter destruction. On migrating from it they settled at Pella, the town already indicated, across the Jordan. It is said to belong to Decapolis. - On Weights and Measures, 15. 

"But the people of the church in Jerusalem had been commanded by divine revelation, vouchsafed to approved men there before the war, to leave the city and to dwell in a certain town of Perea called Pella." - Eusebius, Eccl. Church 3:5:3


  The Nazarenes were one of the many sects of Jews, Church Fathers had documented, and, in these writings, they would mention "The Gospel According To The Nazarenes." 


Coalition Fell Apart

 When the Nazarenes fled to Pella, this also in time, affected them, confusion started, and the coalition fell apart. Though Paul became a leader of the Nazarenes (Acts 24:5), he was rejected by the Ebionites when they split-off from the Nazarenes in 70 C.E. at Pella. It was at Pella, that the Ebionites first emerged as a separate sect. However, while Paul was rejected by the Ebionites, he was respected by his fellow Nazarenes.   

Who Are the Ebionites?


“Ebion, was the founder of the Ebionites. According to Epiphanius, Ebion was a Samaritan, who rejected the name, because of its objectionability and so, he professed himself a Jew, though he was the opposite of the Jews, and was of the Nazarenes' school. For since Ebion, was connected with the Nazarenes and they with him, each party shared with the other. He was contemporary with the Jews, and it is stated, since he was with them, he derived from them. Ebion did agree with them in everything, except for one difference, for he said: “HaMashiach was conceived by sexual intercourse and the seed of man, Joseph.”  Epiphanius; Panarion

 "Their sect, the Ebionites, began after the capture of Jerusalem. For when all those who believed in HaMashiach settled at that time for the most part in Peraea, at a city called Pella belonging to the Decapolis…then they moved there and stayed and that provided an opportunity for Ebion. Ebion took up residence in the village called Cocabe in a district of Qarnaim, also called Ashtaroth in Bashanitis, from which he began his …teaching. At one time the sect prided themselves on virginity, but now the sect forbids celibacy and continence altogether, as do the other sects which are like it.  The Eboinites felt that HaMashiach was conceived by sexual intercourse and the seed of man, Joseph. So, they felt that he is really a man, but that the anointed, who descended in the form of a dove, has entered him and has been united with him. HaMashiach is from Alhym on high, but the man is the offspring of a man’s seed and a woman. But then again, they denied that he is a man.  They say Hamashiach lodged in Adam (MAN) at first, and from time to time takes Adam (Man) himself off and puts him on again—for this is what they say he did at the time of his advent in the flesh.   They set side by side two, who have been appointed by Alhym, one being HaMashiach, but one the devil. And they say that HaMashiach has been allotted the world to come, but that this world has been entrusted to the devil, supposedly by the decree of the Almighty, at the request of each of them. And they say that, this is why, HaMashiach was begotten of the seed of man and chosen, and thus has been named, “Son of Alhym” by election, after the anointed, who came to him from on high in the form of a dove. But they say that he is not begotten of Alhym the Father but created as one of the “archangels”and that he is ruler both of angels and of all creatures of the Almighty; and that he came and instructed us to abolish the sacrifices. They themselves, boastfully claim that they are poor, because they sold their possessions in the apostles’ time and laid them at the apostles’ feet, and went over to a life of poverty and renunciation, and thus, they say, they are called “poor” by everyone. They believe that HaMashiach is a manlike figure invisible to human eyes, tall, and opposite of him the Ruach stands invisibly as well, in the form of a female. They say, HaMashiach is the prophet of TRUTH, but is the Son of Alhym by promotion, and by union with the elevation on high which has come to him, and that he has come to be called Son of Alhym owing to the virtue of his life. They acknowledge Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Moses and Aaron, and Joshua the son of Nun simply as Moses successor.. Epiphanius; Panarion 

"The Ebionites believed in YHWH and taught that HaMashiach was the true prophet mentioned in Deut. 18:15. They did not believe that HaMashiach was conceived through a virgin birth, instead they believed that he was the natural son of Joseph and Mary. According to a Church father by the name of Irenaeus, the Ebionites only used the book of Matthew." (Against Heresies 1:16:2) 

"They acknowledge that the world was made by, Him who is in reality ALHYM.  They live comfortably to the customs of the Jews." Hippolytus, The Refutation of All Heresies Book 7

They use “The Gospel According to Matthew” and call it, “According to the Hebrews.” Epiphanius; Panarion 2:30:3,7 Click here to learn more



“In their Travels, they have changed everything to suit themselves and slandered Peter in many ways, saying that he was baptized daily for purification as they are. And they say he abstained from flesh and dressed meat as they do, and any other dish made from meat—since both Ebion himself, and Ebionites, entirely abstain from these. When you ask one of them why they do not eat meat, having no explanation they answer foolishly and say, “Since it is a product of the congress and intercourse of bodies, we do not eat it.” Thus, according to their own foolish regurgitation, they are wholly abominable themselves, since they are the results of the intercourse of a man and a woman.” - Epiphanius; Panarion 2:30:15,3


 A city called Pella, belonging to the Decapolis .